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Achiote liquid is a perfect substitute for achiote paste or powder. - Achiote is a Yucatan-style sauce from ground annatto seeds, spices and tomatoes. Delicious achiote. Now in a botle! , used to give color, and of course as an excellent seasoning. El Yucateco Annatto or Achiote has two displays of these excellent products: the traditional paste and the newness liquid. No coloring added. 

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Annatto frø, krydder og tomater.


It is ideal to marinate or to prepare grilled or roasted beef, chicken and the most famous Cochinita Pibil. How To Use Achiote
 It's really easy to prepare! You can use 50 ml of liquid annatto. Ready to use! You can marinate and seasoning 1kg of beef, pork, chicken or fish.



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